Julie Brown – Registered Dental Technologist

I attended this course as a Registered Dental Technologist (RDT) with the intention of gaining better understanding of the Biobloc appliances in Orthotropics in order to improve my quality of fabrication to provide a better finished product for my clients as well as enhanced knowledge of the full treatment process so that I may communicate with my clients more effectively.  I can only say that this course thus far has already exceeded my expectations.  As the only RDT and non-clinical attendee in a course full of front line dental professionals, I have felt fully included in every aspect of the module.  I have gained not only from Mike Mew, an exceptional speaker who’s passion kept me as captivated and inspired as the material I’m learning, but from the other attendee’s treatment their patients with Orthotropics.  I am eagerly looking forward to the next course, further I would highly recommend this course to any of the my colleagues to better suit their client’s needs as well.

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