Neurocranial Restructuring

Neuro Cranial Restructuring (NCR)

NeuroCranial Restructuring is an interesting technique which we using at the LSFO and in the clinic. It seems to be bearing fruit and we are particularly encouraging older patients to use it as we review and attempt to understand the effects and process of this approach.

NCR aims to gain a controlled release of the connective tissue tensions using a combination of physical manipulation and intracranial hydraulic pressure. . An NCR series consists of four treatments given on consecutive days. Each case is evaluated individually for the optimal long-term outcome. Repeat treatment series are usually scheduled between one and six months apart.

What NCR claims to do?

  • Reduction of headaches/migraine patterns.
  • Reduction of neck and back pain and abnormal spinal curvature.
  • Improved balance, stability and an increased feeling of being “grounded”
  • Reduction in TMJ pain.
  • Faster progress during orthodontics.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Enhanced mental function and clarity.
  • Reduction in sinus congestion.
  • Improved nasal breathing.
  • Release of emotional trauma.
  • Your face may become more symmetrical.
  • Broken, crooked and hooked noses can straighten.
  • Cheek bones may rise to the same level, so you have fashionably high cheekbones without painful and expensive reconstructive surgery.
  • Your eyes may appear equally proportioned and balanced improving vision.
  • Offset ears could line up so one side of your head does not look higher.
  • Narrow pinched faces can become fuller and more attractive.
  • Your mouth may appear even as your lips balance and your smile looks sincere.
  • Your wrinkles might diminish as your facial structure improves.
  • All your facial features can become balanced and more radiant.
  • Bulges in your forehead may disappear as you skull takes on its natural proportions.

Description of the therapy;
An NCR series consists of 4 one hour treatment sessions on 4 consecutive days. A typical treatment utilises bodywork with the patient fully clothed to temporarily improve the body’s symmetry and relax the nervous system, external cranial manipulation, to improve symmetry in the skull and release tension patterns, proprioceptive testing to determine the body’s stability pattern and finally a brief inflation using an endonasal balloon into the top of the throat through one of the 6 nasal passageways to manipulate the sphenoid bone, which is the central bone of the skull, this allows permanent and incremental changes towards optimum skeletal and nervous system function.

NCR philosophy

In traditional natural medicine, the emphases in healing are placed on detoxification of metals, chemicals and toxins, hygienic living and removal of infective organisms. Except for recovery from accidents and injuries, the physical medicine techniques like massage, physiotherapy and manipulation are used for pain relief. To accomplish this, a patient comes in on a regular schedule. There can be some long-term improvements, but they are generally local changes like a lessening of the intensity of headaches or neck pain.

With NCR, long-term changes are the normal response, and the eventual result is an optimization of nervous system functions. Many conditions thought to be biochemical, developmental or infective in nature have a previously unknown, correctable structural component. This means that conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, migraines and scoliosis have a new approach in treatment.

Natural healing involves hygienic living (pure food, water, air, exercise, etc.), detoxification of metals, chemicals and toxins, treatment of infective organisms and optimization of structure. This is a paradigm shift in medicine.

Patient Testimonials

I really encourage everyone that has any sort of spinal condition to look into this treatment because it does make a difference.”
Dr. Cindy Lovejoy

“Memory often improves…attention, concentration, mental fog, anxiety and depression, and this is without medications or even herbal remedies…”
Dr. Ross Hauser, MD

“I don’t have headaches anymore. Not only did it make my headaches go away, but my face is totally different. If you could see pictures of me from three years ago, I look totally different…”
Hilary Lampers

“But, the most remarkable one was the improvement in my vision. It was just incredible!”
Karen Jensen

Post treatment Advice

The advice routinely given to patients after NCR is to avoid any strenuous exercises for a least one month after therapy. This is because the body continues to unwind as connective tissues release further and the body is in a delicate state. All asymmetrical activities should be avoided and the patient should only participate in activities that are balanced and within their normal range of activity. So, if you don’t usually play tennis or lift weights, don’t start immediately after NCR no matter how good you feel, it can be detrimental to the therapy. Activities such as walking, cycling, swimming and yoga are all highly recommended and beneficial so long as the patient doesn’t exert themselves.

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