Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of doing Orthotropic treatment?

Most dentist or orthodontists who come to study orthotropics do so in order to treat one of their own children.

How long does it take?

The active treatment takes between 14 months and 2 years. After this you enter the active retention phase, wearing the brace at night only, with swallowing and postural exercise. As this treatment guides growth a brace at night and exercise should continue until the end of growth at 14 for girls and 16 for boys.

Does it hurt?

It should never hurt but can be uncomfortable and inconvenient even hurting if worn incorrectly. However it is not as painful as conventional railway tracks in the teenage years and unlike “fixed” appliances Orthotropic® appliances hardly show.

Will we regret it?

Although some children stop treatment because they do not have the necessary commitment very few fail to gain some advantage. The treatment is fail safe and there is still time to resort to more traditional methods that are then easier due to the advantage gained.

Our experience shows us that families rarely regret the treatment, despite the commitment it requires. We have often been asked to treat siblings of patients that did not comply, as parents can see where the failure lies.

Is it hard to do?

It can be challenging, this treatment is only for committed individuals. If we are asking your child to change their posture, then we are asking them to change themselves. This will take time, commitment and full parental support. We are here to also support you and your child through the process.


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