School History

The LSFO is the oldest teaching centre in the world aimed at affecting facial growth, set up in 1983 by Professor John Mew. Initially the school was at Foxley Lane but in 2006 it moved to Pampisford Road, Purley, South London to provide education for Dentists, Orthodontists and ancillary workers about the science of Orthotropics.  Students were introduced to the concept that although facial growth and development is genetic, it is also guided by the posture and actions of the soft tissues of the mouth, especially the Tongue, Lips and Cheeks, as well as the opposing dentition.

Orthotropics is a form of natural orthodontics and defined as the science of influencing facial growth direction (correct growth, Ortho-straight or correct, tropics- growth). This science aims to identify and affect the causative factors of malocclusion and associated symptoms.

Initially several series of one day courses and week-long courses were held for overseas students. Several of these students went on to set up their own teaching centres and have been largely responsible for the concept of Orthotropics spreading to America and later on to many other countries around the world.

Subsequently the London School of Facial Orthotropics held a number of courses in Europe, America and the Far East. Interest gradually spread with more and more people including Dentists and Orthodontists keen to learn about orthotropic treatment.  Currently the School has become a major teaching centre providing a range of practical courses.

LSFO teaches revolutionary methods to change future facial growth.

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