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4-Day combined Introduction & Hybrid Orthotropics Course

Course at London School of Facial Orthotropics, Purley, CR8 2NE – POSTPONED DUE TO COVID

The course is designed to give an overview of the theoretic and clinical philosophy supporting Biobloc Orthotropic therapy. It gives the students an understanding of malocclusion, its causes, pathology and cure enabling them to select appropriate patients for the hybrid therapy and start cases.
The 4-day course is open to Home, EU and Overseas applicants. Upon successful completion of the programme, student will be awarded a certificate of Four Day Introduction to Hybrid Orthotropics. The course is recognised for training purposes by the London School of Facial Orthotropics and the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance.
Students spend their time within the Clinic for Facial Orthotropics, the Orthotropic Laboratory and the LSFO, adding to the quality and diversity of the clinical training they receive.

Programme Structure
The course runs for four full days. The course consists of two main elements:

a) Theoretical elements covering the aetiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, pathology, treatments (which include orthodontic, surgical and orthotropic) and the long-term cure of malocclusion (approximately ¼ of the hours, which is supplemented with written information and videos, Prof Mew’s text book is also recommended).
b) Clinical demonstration with explanation, case histories and discussion (approximately ¾ of the hours).

You will be required to send through your models to enable us to construct a Hybrid appliance for you to demo during the course, this will be required at least 1 month prior to commencement of the course.

Throughout the course, each student will spend 32 hours at the LSFO.

Cost: £ 1,800
The LSFO awards a certificate of completion of specialist clinical training in Orthotropics (eligible for CPD)

The programs are limited to a small number of students. Orthotropics covers a far larger syllabus than orthodontics and it is only through intensive high-quality teaching to a small group that so much can be gained in such a short period which is why we encourage feedback and questions at all times to gauge the response and understanding of the students, that is only possible with small numbers. Learning and teaching is via lectures, case-based discussion, and clinical observation. In addition, the students will have access to our on-line lectures, literature lists and printed material. It is a great advantage if the background literature provided has been covered and understood before the program commences.
Throughout the course constant informal feedback will be sought to guide the progress of the candidates. In addition to this, some formal examinations on the completion of the course to gauge the level of individual understanding and inform the students for their progress.
To develop an individual with the necessary evidence-based knowledge and clinical exposure to have an overview of the principles and practice of orthotropics. Be competent to undertake hybrid orthotropics.
On completion of the programme the graduate should: Have a reasonable understanding of the cause, correction and cure of malocclusion. • Have a reasonable understanding of malocclusion’s implications in general health; including ENT problems, TMD, breathing and body posture. • Have analytical skills to diagnose a child for hybrid orthotropic therapy. • Demonstrate the skills to explain the orthotropicsconcept to the parents of a potential parent. Have gain the theoretical knowledge to undertake hybrid treatment on selected cases.
A recognised dental qualification, and two years general dental experience is an advantage. International students coming to study at this level will need to speak English at an “upper intermediate” (B2) level.
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One Day “Follow the Clinic” Day

Tuesdays and Thursdays – date to be agreed on booking

Spend one clinical day at the Orthotropic clinic to gain an insight into Dr Mew’s therapy.

Course objective:

This is an excellent introduction to orthotropic therapy. We recommend that you attend the one day course at least once before progressing to other courses. This will give you a taste of what can be achieved with this therapy, why it is different from all other forms of orthodontics, why that is and what is involved with providing treatment.

Course Fee – £700 per day to include lunch

Please contact Sue Lloyd if you would like to book this course.  Payment will be required to secure your place.  Register your interest

The programs are limited to a small number of students. The structured element of the seminar is usually an introduction to Orthotropics and the cause of the problems but can be varied at request.
Throughout the course, constant informal feedback will be sought to guide the progress of the participants.
To introduce an individual to the principles and practice of orthotropics.
Understand the capacity of orthotropics to change the growth pattern, the age, timing and difficulty of treatment. Have an understanding of the aetiology of malocclusion and the influence of the environment on growth and development.
This day is open to anyone with an interest to attend, we encourage all health professionals but would be happy someone outside of the health profession with an interest in the concept in particular parents of prospective patients.


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