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London School of Facial Orthotropics

The London School of Facial Orthotropics (LSFO) is the oldest teaching centre in the world aimed at affecting facial growth. Set up in 1983 to teach the practical and theoretical skills of Orthotropic therapy, the school aims to teach, treat and research the orthotropic philosophy. Orthotropics is a form of natural orthodontics and defined as the science of influencing facial growth direction (correct growth, Ortho straight or correct, tropics-growth). This science aims to identify and affect the causative factors of malocclusion, and associated symptoms.

The goal is to cure malocclusion gaining a permanent dental alignment with no retention and all 32 teeth present and create a well-functioning healthy face. This branch of orthodontics differs in some fundamental points; Orthodontics aims to push the teeth into alignment, extracting additional teeth where necessary and then maintain the result indefinitely. Orthotropics aims to change oral posture, muscle function and the balance of the lips and tongue to improve the development of the face and cure malocclusion and the associated problems.

At the London School of Facial Orthotropics we run a series of courses to introduce dental and orthodontic professionals to the concept and problems associated with “incorrect” facial growth and different methods to change facial growth.

LSFO teaches revolutionary methods to change future facial growth.

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