Julie Brown – Registered Dental Technologist

I attended this course as a Registered Dental Technologist (RDT) with the intention of gaining better understanding of the Biobloc appliances in Orthotropics in order to improve my quality of fabrication to provide a better finished product for my clients as well as enhanced knowledge of the full treatment process so that I may communicate with my clients more effectively.  I can only say that this course thus far has already exceeded my expectations.  As the only RDT and non-clinical attendee in a course full of front line dental professionals, I have felt fully included in every aspect of the module.  I have gained not only from Mike Mew, an exceptional speaker who’s passion kept me as captivated and inspired as the material I’m learning, but from the other attendee’s treatment their patients with Orthotropics.  I am eagerly looking forward to the next course, further I would highly recommend this course to any of the my colleagues to better suit their client’s needs as well.

Dr Kim Boldt

Dr Mew is passionate about the face!  He can describe every detail of how tongue posture and function and muscle tone affects the appearance of the face.  Understanding and recognizing these signs leads us to methods of how to help the patient heal themselves.  We guide the tongue and teeth to the correct position and the body “sort’s itself out” as Dr Michael says.

Dr Shamsi Bhanji

Thank you Mike for imparting all that knowledge in Orthotropics.  I am so excited to be learning how to help the children in my practice to have healthier lives with this early treatment intervention.  I am going down this path to learn more about Orthotropics due to my frustration with referring my patients to orthodontists and noticing that no treatment is rendered until they are 12-13 years old and in permanent dentition, when it is too late as I see it.

Once again thank you for taking the time to impart all the knowledge to our interested group.

Amanda Menard – Dental Assistant

Amazing!  Very interesting to understand or partially understand the dynamics behind Orthotropics.  Once there is a basis of knowledge behind the technique, it just makes so much sense!  To see the success behind the theory is very exciting and life changing to our future patients.  The aspects of our current lives have such an impact on our overall growth and to know there is now a path being made to correct these mistakes and give people better, happier and healthier lives.  The course was beautifully put together, amazing speaker!

Dr Svetlana Vohra

Thank you for a new outlook in looking at faces.  This is a great way to make good faces with least invasive treatment.  Your presentation was awesome!  This has changed my views about traditional orthodontics.  Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.  I will do my best to implement your teachings.  Great Teacher and Speaker “The Guru”.

Dr Ivy Yu

My Biobloc Orthotropics journey began 6 year’s ago.  I recently completed Dr William Hang’s Biobloc Orthotropics mini-residency in California.  I was so glad and grateful I made the decision to join this course to further my Orthotropics education with Dr Michael Mew at the London School of Facial Orthotropics.  The course has allowed me to more fully understand the theory of the Biobloc Orthotropics treatment.  Dr Mew has given me a wonderful opportunity to solidify the reason of why I am willing and able to spread the word of Biobloc Orthotropics treatment to my patients, parents, my community and to dental and medical colleagues.

Dr Chen

This is a very different view of malocclusion but the explanation makes a lot of sense.  Orthotropics is treating the cause of malocclusion not just the symptoms.  The course gives me a chance to understand Orthotropics in more depth and helps me improve my clinical skills as well.

Dr Simon Wong

“The work that Prof John Mew and Dr. Michael Mew are doing , making changes to the orthodontic concepts in the orthodontic world. Really ground breaking and certainly have the potential to make changes to our profession and that would benefit the world as we know.”

Dr Kar Mun Chan

“Thank you very much John and Mike. You are great teachers. I have learnt a lot from your course. I would like to take all what I have learnt the way to help children in my practice and hope to make more differences to children’s life. I hope more paediatric dentists will come and do this course.”

Dr Victor Avis

“It is the third session of the six month programme and i think having started a number of cases is really important coming in to this third session . I have clarified a lot of sort these cases with with orthotropic treatment. From the actual diagnosis and treatment planning recognising facial patterns of growth and dysfunction as well as particulars of adjusting the wires and some of the nuances which you go from preparatory phase into the training phase of treatment , so it has excellent addition or part of the whole curriculum.”

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