Buteyko breathing with Patrick McKeown – Course for children – POSTPONED DUE TO COVID

at London School of Facial Orthotropics, 16-18 Pampisford Road, Purley, CR8 2NE, UK

Breathing through the mouth, heavy breathing, frequent sighing or sniffing result in stress, fatigue, respiratory complaints, poor concentration, disrupted sleep with snoring, brain fog and a number of other complaints.

Correcting breathing volume results in better oxygenation of all organs and systems leading to significant improvement of many modern conditions such as: allergies, asthma, anxiety, stress, a racing mind, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, hayfever, rhinitis, high blood pressure, panic attacks, pulmonary fibrosis, sinusitis, snoring, sleep apnoea, disrupted sleep, fatigue, coughing, wheezing, breathlessness and loss of smell.

Parents in particular should learn about breathing and its impact on childhood development. For information about this please view this page.

Attend Buteyko breathing clinics with Patrick McKeown to re-educate your breathing and work towards improved health. Clinics consist of small group sessions, and run over several days. There are clinics for adults and for children (accompanied by their parents).

Buteyko Clinics are held in Dublin, Galway, USA, London and Australia.

Bookings can be made by sending your name and telephone number to info@buteykoclinic.com or by calling freephone: 1800 931 935 (from Ireland), +44 20 7871 9971 (from UK), or 00353 91 756229 (from elsewhere). Lines are attended office hours Monday to Friday.

Please state the clinic you or your child(ren) would like to attend and condition(s) you are attending for.

Numbers are limited for each set of clinics and early booking is advised.

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