The work that Prof John Mew and Dr. Michael Mew ara doing , making changes to the orthodontic concepts in the orthodontic world . Really ground breaking and certainly have the potential to make changes to our profession and that would benefit the world as we know.

Dr Simon Wong

Thank you very much John and Mike . You are great teachers.I have learnt a lot from your course.I would like to take all what i have learnt the way to help children in my practice and hope to make more differences to children’s life . i hope more paediatric dentists will come and do this course.

Dr Kar Mun Chan

It is the third session of the six month programme and i think having started a number of cases is really important coming in to this third session . I have clarified a lot of sort these cases with with orthotropic treatement.From the actual diagnosis and treatment planning recognising facial patterns of growth and dysfunction as well as particulars of adjusting the wires and some of the nuances which you go from preparatory phase into the training phase of treatment , so it has exellent addition or part of the whole curriculum.

Dr Victor Avis

Last year I met Prof John Mew in Korea , it was good impression to me. so , I opened my eyes to study Orthotropics.I was looking for teachers. Finally i am here in London School of Facial Orthotropics . I spent whole day today with Prof John Mew and Dr Michael Mew.It is my glorious day . This day changes my thoughts. As soon as I get back Korea , I would study more and more and try to make some research also.Many children on the earth have good health by Orthotropics.

Dr Mira Park