Three Day Online Orthotropic- Orthodontic Course (1304)
10th- 12th November 2016

Course Objectives
The course is an intensive theoretical and clinical introduction to Biobloc Orthotropic therapy. It gives the students a clear and working understanding of malocclusion, its causes, pathology and cure. Enabling them to make a good diagnosis by recognising the causative factors and how to affect these factors.
The 3 day online course is open to Home, EU and Overseas applicants. Upon successful completion of the programme,student will be awarded a certificate of Three Day Online Course in Orthotropic Orthodontics. The course is recognised for training purposes by the London School of Facial Orthotropics and the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance.
On each of the three days students spend their time connected to our interactive online treatment support interface.

Programme Structure
The course runs for three days, with a short examination at the end of the last day.  The course consists of mainly theoretical elements covering the aetiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, pathology, treatments and the long term cure of malocclusion;some pre-recorded clinical demonstrations with explanation, case histories and discussion will also be shown.
Part of each day is spent as an interactive seminar with the lecturer (either Dr Mike Mew or Prof John Mew) reviewing the elements covered, taking questions and covering additional areas at request.

Learning & Teaching Methods
The programs are limited to a relatively small number of students. Feedback is greatly encouraged and time is provided for students to give questions to clarify understanding and to gauge the groups understanding.  In addition to the prescribed elements a range of teaching additional elements both prerecorded and live, can be selected depending on the level and ability of each group. Learning and teaching is via pre-recorded lectures elements and live discussions both theory and case based. In addition the students will have access to ouron-line learning suite, with pre-recorded modules and interactive online treatment support interface.
It is a great advantage if the background literature provided on the interactive web site has been covered and understood before the program commences.

On completion of the course a short examination based on the syllabus and core knowledge will be taken.

Overall Aims
To develop an individual with the necessary evidence-based knowledge and clinical exposure to understand the principles and practice of orthotropics.

Learning Objectives
On completion of the programme the student should:
•    Be able to understand the cause, correction and cure of malocclusion.
•    Have a critical understanding of malocclusions implications in general health; including ENT problems, TMD, breathing and body posture.
•    Have analytical skills to diagnose a child for orthotropic therapy.

Entry requirements
A recognised dental qualification and two years general dental experience is an advantage.
International students coming to study at this level will need to speak English at an “upper intermediate” (B2) level.

Cost:  £ 1,050

This course meets all of the British General Dental Council educational and verifiable CPD criteria.