Four Day Certificate in Buteyko Clinic Method (1311)

14th – 17th June 2018

Attendees will learn how to teach their clients the Buteyko Method for respiratory complaints including asthma, COPD, sarcoidosis, cystic fibrosis, rhinitis/hay fever and to help normal craniofacial development in children. Theoretical aspects of dysfunctional breathing with resultant physiological changes will also be explored.

Brief Information
Many children and adults in the Western world breathe too much (clinically known as Chronic Hyperventilation). This results from factors of modern living such as processed food, stress, high temperatures of homes, excessive talking, overeating and lack of physical exercise. Typical traits of over breathing include mouth breathing, upper chest breathing and sighing.
Habitual mouth breathers often find it difficult to permanently nasal breathe. As soon as they close their mouth, they may feel suffocated or a want for air.  Unless this feeling of a hunger for air is eliminated, mouth breathing will continue. The Buteyko Method unblocks the nose and eliminates the feeling of suffocation enabling a permanent switch to nasal breathing.

Course Objectives
Following from the course, attendees will have the necessary knowledge to teach their clients (children and adults) the Buteyko Method and lifestyle guidelines to overcome rhinitis, switch to nasal breathing, and significantly reduce their respiratory conditions. Attendees will be afforded an in-depth understanding of the role of chronic hyperventilation and how it impacts on respiratory disorders.

Course Structure
Chronic hyperventilation and how to recognize it.
How to measure relative breathing volume.
Interpreting each measurement and determining progress.
The role of chronic hyperventilation in asthma, rhinitis, and craniofacial development.
Emphasis on practical application of the Buteyko Method for respiratory conditions, rhinitis and craniofacial development.
International Buteyko practitioner and author, Patrick McKeown will guide you step by step to recognize dysfunctional breathing, teach simple breathing exercises to immediately decongest your patient’s nose, normalise their breathing and determine whether ENT referral is necessary.

Learning & Teaching Methods
In depth theoretical power point presentations are provided
Power point presentations for asthma are provided
Extensive notes with theoretical and practical
6 Books, 2 DVD sets provided
Practical application and demonstration of the Buteyko Method for asthma, rhinitis and snoring
Attendees to role play each of the exercises to ensure thorough understanding
Video and audio demonstrations to assist

Observation and continuous feedback throughout the three days
Two hour multi choice exam at the end of the three days
Feedback on the first ten case studies
Indefinite follow up by Patrick McKeown is also provided to each attendee.

Overall Aims
Following the four day course, attendees will be able to help all children over five years and adults with asthma, rhinitis and other respiratory complaints. Attendees will be able to help their clients who display nasal congestion, mouth breathing and dysfunctional breathing immediately and in the vast majority of cases without the need to refer to an ENT consultant. The Buteyko Method is a simple approach, with no side effects and empowers the client to take control of their own health naturally.

Learning Objectives
Recognize dysfunctional breathing and measure relative breathing volume in their client population. Teach the Buteyko Method to clients to help with asthma, rhinitis and other respiratory complaints. Tailor the Buteyko Method to their clients needs. Experience first-hand the effects of addressing dysfunctional breathing.

Entry Requirements
The course is eligible to all persons working within the health industry, and for those without a background in health, but with prior experience of having attended a Buteyko course either by Skype with Patrick McKeown or with another accredited Buteyko practitioner, or having viewed, read and applied the Buteyko Method from the ButeykoClinic DVD set.

Cost:  £ 850

£250 paid upon registration and commencement of theoretical module. The remaining balance to be paid during practical module.
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