One Day “Follow the Clinic” Orthotropic – Orthodontic Course (1301)
One day courses take place on Thursdays, contact Sue Lloyd via email to register your interest and book a date.

Course objectives:

Spend one clinical day at the clinic and get an overview of the treatment philosophy and the appliance system.

This is an excellent introduction to orthotropic therapy. We recommend that you attend the one day course before progressing to other courses. This will give you a taste of what can be achieved with this therapy, why it is different from all other forms of orthodontics, why that is and what is involved with providing treatment.

Programme Structure

The course runs for one full day 8am till 6pm with a seminar over an extended lunch break 1pm till 3pm, half structured lecture and half informal discussion. A pre-ordered lunch (inclusive) is consumed during the structured element of the seminar.

Learning and Teaching Methods
The programs are limited to a small number of students. The structured element of the seminar is usually an introduction to Orthotropics and the cause of the problems but can be varied at request. A selection of papers to act as background literature will be provided on the interactive web siteand it is best that these are covered and understood before the program commences for the participants to gain the maximum from the day.

Throughout the course, constant informal feedback will be sort to guide the progress of the participants. In addition to this, a short multi choice questionnaire will be given at the close of the day to gauge the level of individual understanding and inform the students for their understanding.

Overall Aims
To introduce an individuals to the principles and practice of orthotropics.

Learning Objectives
Understand the capacity of orthotropics to change the growth pattern, the age, timing and difficulty of treatment.  Have an understanding of the aetiology of malocclusion and the influence of the environment on growth and development.

Entry requirements
This day is open to anyone with an interest to attend, we encourage all health professionals but would be happy someone outside of the health profession with an interest in the concept in particular parents of prospective patients.

Cost:  £ 550

The LSFO awards a certificate of completion of specialist training in Orthotropics (eligible for CPD)

This course meets all of the British General Dental Council educational and verifiable CPD criteria.